Travel Project: Entire act, plus log.
30 000 NOK - 5321,03 USD.
Group: Lisa, Christopher, Snorre.

We have used 7 days planning our "imaginary" trip to USA. Our final destination is California, but we had disagreements in the start.

24 October, 15.00.
We accessed the Wiki. We also figured out where to travel (I think?). I believe we were to travel to Massachusetts, for no particular reason other than to watch whales. According to the websites about the state this is the only attraction.
I am not quite sure where this is going.
Basically, our plan is based on wasting most of the money we have been granted on expensive hotels and airplanes. The days may go as they would, because we’re only interested in getting this over with. I guess that we have to spend a small amount of money outside our budget of wasting, due to the necessiary day-to-day expenses; such as meals and entrance fees.
Meals would probably cost 50 $ three times each day. Since we’re staying from 17th to 24th, that is only 8 days. 50 x 3 = 150. 150 x 8 = . 1200 $ for food the whole stay.

25 October, 09.00.
We have now researched how much it would cost to eat at McDonalds’ the whole week. Another important fact, we have changed our destination; we are now going to California instead.

We have gathered information about the tickets for the flight, hotel and renting a car.
I’ll put that info here:

  • Airplane:
We order a two-way ticket at Unbelievable, I know. They should be trusted, but we figured that if we were tricked, it wouldn’t matter. Imagination trip. Seriously though, we do trust
The whole flight would only cost 7218 NOK, that makes 1302,06 $. We will travel with the international Delta airplane company almost all the time. There are three mid-stops in the flight.
  • 1 Værnes (06:10) – Schipol (08.40) with flight 9332. Delta.
  • 2 Schipol (09.50)-LAX (11.50) with flight 9378. Delta.
  • 3 LAX (17.40)-Fresno Air Terminal in California (18.35) with flight 7443. Delta.
  • 1 Fresno Air Terminal in California (09.00) – LAX(10.10) with Flight 7413. Delta.
  • 2 LAX (14.00)-Schipol (09.15) with Flight 9379. Delta.
  • 3 Schipol (10.05) – Værnes (12.25) with Flight 1173. KLM.

  • Hotel:
We’ll take into a hotel; Holiday Inn, in Fresno. One room, for our stay of 7 nights, cost 782.84 $. This is with free breakfast.
external image 2733239_59_b.jpg

  • Rent-A-Car:
We have also been able to rent a car. We imagine that we are 25 years old at this point. The car is a Chevrolet Aveo, in economy class, with air-conditioner. We pick it up the 18th at Fresno Yosemite Intl Apo, CA. The car must be delivered the 23th. This will cost 1115 NOK, which make 201,13 $.
This deal was also found at

  • Activities:
This will occupy one of our 6 days (two days are gone in travelling).

17th: the first day we agreed to be having jetlag, so eating and sleeping may take the whole day.
thumbnailCA2YZLOD.jpg(As mentioned somewhere above, we won't mind eating here.)
18th: we travel to Fresno Yosemite Intl, to pick up our car. 20 $ gone in taxi. Eating + sleeping.

19th: we go to Rancho Cucamonga, CA. For activity this day; we’ve included a trip with hot-air balloon. This lasts 3 hours. 134 $ per Person. We eat meals here and then head back to the hotel.
hot-air-balloon-8.jpg(This picture is not from the Rancho Cucamonga, but it is captured somewhere in California. We kind of imagine the balloon-trip to be something like this.)
20th: this day we have planned to go to the local zoo park; Chaffee Zoological Park. This is located in Roeding Park Fresno, CA. The entrance fee is 7 $ per adult, and 3 $ per vehicle. All in all, that is 10 $. We will probably stay here the whole day.

12964.jpg(This is an actual picture from the Zoo. Not by us, though.)Chaffee%20logo_tn.jpg

21th: we will spend this day on the “famous” Taste and Toast in the tower district. This is an attraction that also adds food to the experience. We think this is brilliant. It is more like a food-fair. The entrance fee is 15 $.
3966788618_c2466b2a10_z.jpg(This is a picture of the similiar fair in 2009.)
22th: we may go to the Shinzen Japanese Gardens this day. It is a great attraction in Fresno. The environment in this park is very different from the rest of Fresno; that is why it’s so popular. People think that it’s almost like going to the real East. Location is in Woodward Park Fresno, CA. 3 $ per adult and 3 $ per vehicle. 6 $ in all.
(We are adding Disneyland to this day. See further down).
california-disneyland.jpg(Disneyland at night)2706742709_208f2a9ee0_z.jpg(Japanese gardens)

23th: since all of the earlier activities have been local, we’ve decided to travel a bit further. We’re going to Legoland in Carlsbad, CA. We’ll spend this day here, and when the day is over, we’ll deliver back the car in Fresno. The entrance fee for Legoland is ; 69 $.
24th: eat at the airport and then travel home.

All activities cost in overall: 260 $.

(Here is our final budget)

For now our economy looks like this: 5321,03 - 1302,06 $ - 782.84 $ - 201,13 $ - 1200 $ - 260 $ = 1574 $.
It looks like we are missing something. 5000 $ is a lot to spend in only one weekend. However, since we have been very good at finding cheap airplane tickets and hotels (of which makes the worst expenses), we are yet to spend over 1000 $.

To this we have the excellent solution. Disneyland in California is sickly expensive, and the fee to enter is roughly 712 $. This way we are getting 1574 $ - 712 $ = 862 $. We keep this
money for unexpected expenses. We're adding this as an activity on the 22th, after we've been to the Shinzen Japanese Gardens.
external image disneyland_map.jpg